SnowRiders will refund any purchase for which we have canceled a trip or event

SnowRiders will not refund the following cases:

  • you have decided you no longer want to or no longer can attend the ski trip or event
  • you have made a purchase in error
  • you are late to the bus or miss a night in your hotel room
  • we will consider other refunds on a case by case basis

Bus Policy:

  • Attendants must provide photo ID to ride a bus. Attendants must be 18+ unless otherwise agreed upon in writing or with a parent/guardian present.
  • SnowRiders reserves the right to deny access to anyone for any reason, and to remove passangers for any reason at the expense of the attendant, without refund.
  • Alcohol is prohibited from most SnowRiders buses (open containers). You will be informed of this at the beginning of each ride.
  • Buses leave promptly. Missing the bus, for any reason (including injury) is at your own expense.
  • If buses are late for any reason, no refunds will be issued unless otherwise agreed upon on a case by case basis. 

For bookings with 7 days of arrival:

  • Please allow 5 business days between booking and your designated checkin date. If you book within five days of your planned arrival, we cannot guarantee lodging availability, nor can we guarantee that your booking will be completed and accepted.
  • Be aware that bookings that must be refunded within 5 days of a planned date of arrival are subject to a 50% return fee.
  • We cannot process orders within 72 hours of the planned arrival. These bookings may be subject to a 50-100% return fee (if it is 100% it will not be refunded)
  • For custom vacations and personalized booking, it may be possible to book with a guarantee and without incurring potential refund fees. These will be disclosed by your agent prior to booking.